Colocation needs

Do you need a couple of servers, a full rack or even multiple racks? We can help you out with that.

We purchase racks at data centers, and resell them to our clients at a good price. That way, you don’t have to search for the right place to get your products from. We know where to get the best products from and we’ll happily do that for you.

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Find the right products for your data center challenges

At Reboot Monkey, we have a passion for everything Hardware & IT. We love the flickering HDD lights, the fiber optics and the wow factor we get when we’ve just replaced a 4TB disk with an 18TB disk. It’s what makes our hearts beat faster.

However, for many companies and business owners, setting up hardware systems that function well can be a significant challenge. That’s why we started Reboot Monkey. To assist companies with their data center hardware needs and relieve them comprehensively from A to Z.

We have close ties with many data centers and can buy, install and monitor any rack or server that you need. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding the right hardware products and who needs to install or monitor them. We can do that for you.

Reboot Monkey is your one stop shop for all you data center needs

At Reboot Monkey, we’re in charge of the full supply chain. From A to Z. Whether you need a new product, hardware monitoring services, troubleshooting or other hardware related services: we’re on it!

Got a question, challenge or problem that you need personal advice for? We’ll help you out via our support page!

At Reboot Monkey, you can expect:


Full supply chain service from A to Z


Team of professionals with passion for IT & Hardware


Varied range of products and services

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Rack Servers for your data center needs

Are you looking for Rack Servers for your colocation needs? We will find the solution that helps your business to grow. Read more about our products!

The right Rack Server for your company

Are you looking for rack servers for your colocation needs? With our broad network of suppliers and our experienced team of IT experts, we will find the right solution for your business. Whether you need a few servers, a full rack or a complete server cabinet, we offer reliable racks that can be deployed in no time.

First things first: what is a Rack Server?

A rack server is a computer server that is designed to be placed in a server rack, which is typically located in a data center. For this reason, they’re also called rack mount servers or rack-mounted servers. Their specific construction allows for easy scalability and expandability, as well as efficient cooling.

The fact that you can slide rack servers in and out of the rack, makes it easy to maintain them and find the right diagnosis for any problem that might occur. It’s even possible to swap parts without shutting down the system. This feature is especially great for mission-critical infrastructure, because downtime often equals financial loss.

rack server

Available Rack Server dimensions

Rack space, the amount of space that is taken up in a server cabinet, is expressed in Rack Units (U). One Rack Unit (1U) is typically 1.75 inches (4.445 centimeters) high. This however doesn’t mean that every individual server is 1.75 inches high. A 2U server, for example, is 3,5 inches in height while a 5U server is 8,75 inches in height. A full rack is usually between 40 and 46 Rack Units.

In width, most rack servers are 19 inches, but there are also rack servers that are 23 and 24 inches in width. The different measurements mean that you’ll always find the best rack server for your needs.

The right Rack Server installation

Rack server installation is more than just sliding servers into a rack. After you’ve determined the right type of rack server and the amount of servers you need, they need power and internet. They also need to be connected to each other. That’s why Reboot Monkey doesn’t just sell rack servers; we gladly install your hardware professionally, in the blink of an eye.

Racks with double switches to prevent downtime

Our racks are equipped with double switches to back up the power supply in case of emergency. Additionally, we can realize a fully redundant database architecture that allows you to test new applications or to migrate your existing infrastructure without having to shut the system down.

Why buy or rent your Racks at Reboot Monkey?

Reboot Monkey is the one-stop-shop for all your data center needs. Besides supplying servers that are tailored to your needs, we also deliver IP Transit, maintenance and support in the form of Smart Hands and Remote Hands, and much more. You can count on our passionate team of IT professionals to solve all your data center and hardware related problems!

Request more information about Rack Servers, tell us about your needs or challenges and let us provide you with information focused on your situation.

At Reboot Monkey, you can expect:


Full supply chain service from A to Z


Team of experts with a big passion for IT & Hardware


Varied range of products and services


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