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At Reboot Monkey, we offer a full range of services. Below you’ll find a brief overview of these services.
Of course we can also provide you with customized services.

Smart Hands

Need a pair of smart IT hands that provide 24/7 onsite
support for your hardware? Then Smart Hands support is the perfect solution!

Racking & Stacking, Hardware Monitoring
or Data Destroying… we’re on it!

Whatever data center related question, problem or challenge you face: we’re more than happy to help you out. Our IT professionals love getting their hands dirty when it comes to hardware systems, data center needs and related services. It’s what makes our heart beat faster.

In the current data center field, clients often have to turn to many different product distributors, IT service providers and data centers to gather all the right materials and services that they need. This usually means a lot of extra time, energy and money are spent on researching and finding the right providers.

That’s why we offer our clients a one stop solution. We can provide in the full supply chain, from A to Z. Whether you need hardware products like Server Racks and IP Transits, or data center related services like Hardware Monitoring or Racking & Stacking: we can take care of any task!

It’s our passion to provide you with the best service possible

Working with hardware is what we do best. And what we love most. Ever since 1996, we started and sold multiple IT companies and helped a lot of other startups and enterprises flourish. Now, over almost three decades later, we’ve combined our knowledge and experience to lift your data center burden.

Request more information here about our services, tell us about your needs or challenges and let us provide you with information focused on your situation.

At Reboot Monkey, you can expect:


Full supply chain service from A to Z


Team of professionals with passion for IT & Hardware


Wide range of products, services and support


One partner for all your data center needs


Fast, accurate, reliable and passionate technicians

Smart Hands support for your company

When your company depends on the smooth operation of your racks, servers and network, Smart Hands services are of vital importance. Especially when you don’t live near the physical infrastructure in the data center or when you’ve got your hands full with other tasks that require your attention. Smart Hands support ensures that your hardware operates the way it should, by monitoring, installing, managing and troubleshooting onsite.

The benefits of a Smart Hands service are huge. This service frees your IT department from having to deal with infrastructure problems, and instead, your IT professionals can focus on other, more important projects within your company to support growth, important things and flourishing faster.

On top of that, Smart Hands support ensures:

 Quick response times Improved data security A higher productivity

Basics first: what is Smart Hands support exactly?

The concept of Smart Hands refers to an individual or a team of IT experts that quickly responds to any problem that may come up within the data center. Smart Hands support is 24/7 onsite and can be used for troubleshooting, equipment installation and remote management. Smart Hands support can take on complex tasks that require someone to be physically present in the data center. Think of setting up a firewall, installing equipment, difficult cable configurations, testing, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Of course you’ll find some form of onsite support in and provided by the data center itself, but that kind of service covers only the bare minimum. Smart Hands service goes above and beyond to support you in any data center or hardware related needs.


The difference between Smart Hands
v.s. Remote Hands services

You might have heard of Remote Hands services too. These services are a perfect solution when you or your IT manager lives far away from the data center. Remote Hands support doesn’t require you to be onsite and instead can be accomplished remotely. Typical Remote Hands tasks include securing network cables, upgrading memory, replacing hardware and checking port numbers. You could consider them to be lighter support services of colocation providers, with simpler tasks compared to Smart Hands.

Smart Hands support on the contrary offers IT services that are more complex. Think of receiving and installing hardware shipments, performing hardware deployment or repairing equipment.

Pick your favorite approach: reactive of proactive

Depending on your budget and needs, you may either choose a proactive or reactive approach with our Smart Hands support. The main difference is that with proactive Smart Hands, a technical team actively monitors your equipment and fixes minor issues as early as possible to prevent any delay.

With reactive Smart Hands, problems with the equipment should be reported by your own team, before our technician acts on the issue.

The proactive approach is more efficient for businesses that heavily depend on reliable server up-times.

Not sure which approach suits your company best? We’re more than happy to listen to your needs and help you out via our contact page. We can provide you with custom services that meet any of your specific needs and requirements.

Why choose Reboot Monkey for your Smart Hands support?

Lifting your data center burden is our business. And not just our business – it’s our passion too! With our team of trained professionals we’re ready to help you out with your IT challenges. You may expect from us:

Are you ready for your pair of Smart Hands support? Please send us your question, request or challenge via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

At Reboot Monkey, you can expect:


Full supply chain service from A to Z


Team of experts with a big passion for IT & Hardware


Varied range of products and services