Hardware Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and maintaining your hardware can be a huge challenge. A burden, even. Leave your Hardware Monitoring up to us, stay worry-free and focus on the most important tasks for your company.

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What do we mean by Hardware Monitoring?

Hardware Monitoring is the process of checking the functioning of physical hardware on which your business might heavily rely. You can choose to monitor your hardware yourself (or delegate it to your IT department), or let us do it for you.

This helps avoid any expensive repairs and prevents common problems like overheating, which could cause serious damage for your hardware. Successful hardware monitoring ensures that the performance of your systems is optimal both today and in the future.

Why Hardware Monitoring really matters?

When your company heavily relies on the functioning of the hardware, a hardware shut-down could cost serious money if you don’t have it fixed right away.

We’ll take on this task and ensure that your hardware, and therefore your business, can continue to function and flourish the way it should.

The benefits of Hardware Monitoring for your company
 You prevent any hardware failure that might occur, which could lead to serious profit-loss and high repairing costs.
 You optimize resource utilization, to make the most out of your hardware systems.
 You don’t have to worry about any of the monitoring or troubleshooting issues, and instead focus on more important tasks within your company.

Racking & Stacking, Hardware Monitoringor Data Destroying
we’re on it!

Whatever data center related question, problem or challenge you face: we’re more than happy to help you out. Our IT professionals love getting their hands dirty when it comes to hardware systems, data center needs and related services. It’s what makes our heart beat faster.

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It’s our passion to provide you with the best service possible

Working with hardware is what we do best. And what we love most. Ever since 1996, we started and sold multiple IT companies and helped a lot of other startups and enterprises flourish. Now, over almost three decades later, we’ve combined our knowledge and experience to lift your data center burden.

At Reboot Monkey, you can expect:

One partner for all your data center needs

Fast, accurate, reliable and passionate technicians

Full supply chain service from A to Z

Team of professionals with passion for IT & Hardware

Wide range of products, services and support

What is the importance ofHardware Monitoring for your company?

Installing and setting up your hardware in a data center is one thing. But to also monitor the hardware and troubleshoot when necessary…hat’s a whole different kind of cookie.

 It can be a huge burden for many companies. We can take this burden out of your hands, by proactively monitoring your hardware 24/7.
 We can even keep an eye on your management interfaces and send or direct technicians before any trouble occurs.
 Installing and setting up your hardware in a data center is one thing. But monitoring the hardware and troubleshooting when necessary… that’s a whole different kind of cookie.

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when choosing an Hardware Monitoring provider:

In close collaboration with data centers, we can also provide you with servers, a full rack or even multiple racks. That way you don’t have to worry about where to get proper equipment from. Instead, we’ll take care of that for you.

Besides our racking and stacking services, we can monitor your hardware with our Smart Hands support. This will take any burden off your shoulders regarding monitoring and troubleshooting for your hardware.

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