Remote Hands

If you live far away from a colocation center, or don’t have the time to travel forth and back, a pair of remote IT hands can help you out. Our Remote Hands technicians will take care of the necessary monitoring, repairing and maintenance tasks for your hardware.

Need a pair of reliable Remote Hands for your company?

When there’s a problem with your hardware or equipment in the data center, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Because every minute that your server or network doesn’t work the way it should, it costs you extra money and valuable time.

Remote Hands support makes it possible for you to have a technician onsite who performs several services on your behalf.

It doesn’t require you or your own team to be present in the colocation center. The benefits? No matter where the center is based, and no matter the time of the day (be it night, day, weekend or during holidays), Remote Hands support is always available for you to rely on.

Remote Hands services in a nutshell

When referring to Remote Hands support, we’re talking about the delegation of IT management and maintenance or monitoring tasks by an external technician. Remote Hands services include, but are not limited to the following:

 Securing or moving network cables
 Configuration of network router and switches
 Replacement or installation of hardware
 Management of inventory and labeling
 Reporting on equipment performance
 Performing audits

The list of possibilities goes on beyond the options above.

Why Remote Hands are essential for any company

Imagine this. In the middle of a Friday night, your server’s power system shuts down. You or someone from your IT department has to drive or even fly for six (and more!) hours to reach the data center and fix the server. This requires a hotel booking, food and drinks at your cost too. A simple task that could have easily been performed by a Remote Hands technician, and that wouldn’t have required you or your staff to be robbed from a good night’s sleep.

The situation above could be even worse, when you or your staff are on a holiday abroad and something goes wrong with your hardware. Exactly this is the reason why Remote Hands support is of vital importance. A Remote Hands technician will fix any mainstream issue without having to bother you.

Do you need Remote Hands or Smart Hands support?

Next to Remote Hands support, we offer Smart Hands services too. Smart Hands support dives further into the software and solves more complex tasks. These could include installation, decommission, upgrades, ticket management, troubleshooting, auditing, logistics, RMA management, DC relocation, DWDM support, migration and 24/7 support availability. Remote Hands services are sometimes, but definitely not always, included in the data center’s services itself. Unfortunately, they charge high prices for this service. Smart Hands services will go a step further and dive into the racks and configurations of your equipment.

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