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At Reboot Monkey, we offer a full range of services. Below you’ll find a brief overview of these services.
Of course we can also provide you with customized services.

Rack & Network Design

A well-planned network is key for optimal performance, security, resilience and scalability. Let us design your Rack & Network for you!

Racking & Stacking, Hardware Monitoring
or Data Destroying… we’re on it!

Whatever data center related question, problem or challenge you face: we’re more than happy to help you out. Our IT professionals love getting their hands dirty when it comes to hardware systems, data center needs and related services. It’s what makes our heart beat faster.

In the current data center field, clients often have to turn to many different product distributors, IT service providers and data centers to gather all the right materials and services that they need. This usually means a lot of extra time, energy and money are spent on researching and finding the right providers.

That’s why we offer our clients a one stop solution. We can provide in the full supply chain, from A to Z. Whether you need hardware products like Server Racks and IP Transits, or data center related services like Hardware Monitoring or Racking & Stacking: we can take care of any task!

It’s our passion to provide you with the best service possible

Working with hardware is what we do best. And what we love most. Ever since 1996, we started and sold multiple IT companies and helped a lot of other startups and enterprises flourish. Now, over almost three decades later, we’ve combined our knowledge and experience to lift your data center burden.

Request more information here about our services, tell us about your needs or challenges and let us provide you with information focused on your situation.

At Reboot Monkey, you can expect:


Full supply chain service from A to Z


Team of professionals with passion for IT & Hardware


Wide range of products, services and support


One partner for all your data center needs


Fast, accurate, reliable and passionate technicians

Rack & Network Design for your company

A strong, well-planned network design is essential for optimal performance, monitoring, scalability, security and resilience. Without it, the network performance could prove to be very weak and your IT team would have to constantly be monitoring,

recovering and performing maintenance tasks to keep the network running. This leads to a lot of extra costs and time having to be spent on fixing things instead of growing your company. And that’s probably not the way you like it.

What is Network Design exactly?

First things first. Network Design refers to how a network infrastructure is designed, planned and structured. It’s like the blueprint for the actual, physical implementation of the network. The design has to be made before the infrastructure is implemented. Network design often is a very complex process that involves a lot of evaluation, scoping and adjusting.

The design includes a logical network map, placing the right compute nodes (processing nodes) and storage nodes (SSD/HDD), a cabling structure, the number of devices and their location, the IP addressing structure and the security architecture.

Every network design uses the OSI network model, which is composed of seven layers:

1. Physical layer
2. Data link layer
3. Network layer
4. Transport layer
5. Session layer
6. Presentation layer
7. Application layer

Hierarchical Network Design and its benefits

At Reboot Monkey, we make use of Hierarchical Network Design. This type of design divides the network into separate layers (or tiers) that all have their own function and role within the network. This type of design makes it easier to optimize and select the right network hardware.

Typically, a hierarchical network design would include three layers: the access layer, the distribution layer and the core layer.

The access layer is responsible for providing user access to the network; the distribution layer offers connectivity and has control over the boundary between the access and core layer; and the core layer guarantees the fast transport between distribution switches. The interplay between these layers determine the performance of the network.

Security and accuracy in your Network Design

A good network design is created with an eye for the smallest details. It’s the foundation for efficient network monitoring and maintenance, so any mistake could later on prove detrimental. It’s crucial to understand how different network parts fit and work together. This is where a topology map usually comes into play, which establishes a strong network without single points of failure.

Ultimately, a strong network with a well-planned design performs better, has more scalability options, is more secure and resilient, and makes monitoring a lot easier.

Let us design your Network

By choosing Reboot Monkey, you’re fully unburdened from any data center problems or challenges that you may face. Our IT specialists love getting their hands dirty and provide you with full supply chain service and support.

Request more information about Rack & Network Design, tell us about your needs or challenges and let us provide you with information focused on your situation.

You can expect from us:


Complete service from A to Z


Team of experts with a big passion for Hardware & IT


Varied range of products and services