All-Inclusive Managed Colocation Service

We take charge of housing, monitoring, and managing every aspect of your colocated infrastructure within our data center facility, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability. Choose us for a tailored and reliable approach to data center management that empowers your business to thrive without requiring your direct supervision.

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Leave the Data Center Management Hustle to Us

Now you'll never have to worry about driving to the data center at any hour, grappling with emergencies or dealing with unforeseen challenges. Our comprehensive managed colocation services take care of every aspect of data center management, ensuring immediate and effective solutions. We have Smart Hands and Remote Hands, equipped to handle any situation, providing both on-site and remote assistance with precision and efficiency.

Our tech-powered “green” facilities ensure the security, backups, and convenience required to effortlessly store, manage, troubleshoot, and monitor your IT infrastructure, including data center equipment and servers. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and a focus on delivering seamless operations, we empower you to redirect your efforts towards strategic business initiatives, leaving the complexities of data center management to us.

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Why Choose Reboot Monkey For Managed Colocation Service?

24 Colocation Facilities

Access a global network of tech-powered colocation facilities strategically located in key regions, including the Netherlands, France, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Serbia, and many more.

All-Time Management

Enjoy 24/7, continuous management, monitoring, and overall technical support aimed at ensuring optimal performance of your data center equipment and server without your physical presence.

Proactive Maintenance

Benefit from proactive maintenance practices of our our smart hands and remote hands, preventing potential issues before they disrupt operations and ensuring the longevity of your infrastructure.

Robust Rack Units

Secure your data center equipment, including servers with our powerful and reliable rack units, providing a sturdy and stable environment to your IT infrastructure for uninterrupted performance.

Power Configurations

Experience effective power configurations designed for your data center equipment’s ultimate efficiency while optimizing energy consumption and reducing overall operational costs at every step of the way.

High-Speed Bandwidth

Experience optimal connectivity with our high-speed, reliable bandwidth solutions, ensuring seamless data transfer, scalability, and enhanced collaboration for unparalleled data center operations.

Complete Data Backups

Safeguard the integrity of your data with our comprehensive backup solutions, as we go beyond routine backups, ensuring the creation of redundant copies and employing advanced data protection measures.

Quick Risk Mitigation

Reduce and control risks decisively with our rapid response and resolution strategies while facing emergencies, hardware failures, or technical challenges that may affect your IT operational efficiency.

Less Operational Costs

Minimize operational expenses with our streamlined approach, integrating energy-efficient configurations and proactive maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for your data center.

Choose Managed Colocation Service When You’re Looking For…

 All-time expert management and support while you are away

 Smart hands and remote hands assistance at your fingertips

 Robust security measures against physical and virtual threats

 Continuous monitoring, issue resolution, and disaster recovery

 Strategic positioning for improved accessibility and redundancy

 Fully-sustainable practices for reduced environmental impact

 Reduced upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs

 Scalable solutions for more effective data center management


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