Create peace of mind with a Service Level Agreement

An S.L.A. can provide peace of mind to you as a client. We have a contract that you can refer to that allows you to hold us accountable. The details in the S.L.A. are exactly the type of services you can expect. If agreed upon needs aren't met, you can mitigate some of the impacts by monetary compensation. This provides you and your company with peace of mind and assurance.

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What is S.L.A.?

A Service Level Agreement is a contract between a client and a service provider. The contract covers specific elements of the delivered service. Think of aspects like quality, availability and reliability. The contract identifies who is responsible in case certain criteria aren’t met, and who should compensate potential losses.Such an agreement is essential for a professional and accurate collaboration between client and service provider. That’s why at Reboot Monkey we strongly recommend making use of an S.L.A.


Remote Hands Service Level Agreements primarily apply to the remote technical support and assistance provided to clients for their IT infrastructure, equipment, and facilities. These SLAs define the expected service levels, response times, and performance metrics, ensuring that clients receive timely and effective assistance for their remote needs. Much like data center SLAs, Remote Hands SLAs establish clear expectations and remedies if service performance levels are not met.

What needs to be included in a Service Level Agreement?

A good S.L.A. should contain the following aspects:

If you want access to all Internet routes, you need to directly connect with all autonomous systems. To do so, you need an IP transit service. Besides having access to the Internet, a good IP transit service provides you with:

 The type of services that are provided
 How to handle in case of issues with the service
 Response and resolution time of issues
 Consequences if the service provider does not meet its commitment
 The performance level of the supplied services, including reliability and availability

Stay worry-free with an S.L.A.

Experience full peace of mind with a Service Level Agreement (S.L.A.) from Reboot Monkey. Stay worry-free with a guaranteed high level of service!

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Why choose Reboot Monkey for your S.L.A?

Unburdening you of your data center worries is our business. In fact, it’s our passion! Next to delivering complete Service Level Agreements that take all your sorrows away, we can help you with all your data center and server-related demands, such as Rack & Network Design, Hardware Monitoring and Hardware Recycling.

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We have a passion for everything Hardware & IT. We love the flickering HDD lights, the fiber optics, and the wow factor we get when we’ve just replaced a 4TB disk with an 18TB disk. It’s what makes our hearts beat faster.

However, for many companies and business owners, setting up hardware systems that function well can be a significant challenge. That’s why we started Reboot Monkey. To assist companies with their data center hardware needs and relieve them comprehensively from A to Z.

We have close ties with many data centers and can buy, install and monitor any rack or server that you need. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding the right hardware products and who needs to install or monitor them. We can do that for you.

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