Digital Data Destruction for accurate security

Data destroying increases your cyber security and prevents data from falling into the wrong hands, which could have serious consequences. You don’t want corporate financial records, private information about employees or other personal data to be accessed if a data breach would occur.

Having said that, avoiding a data breach is part of proper Hardware Monitoring.

Our team of IT experts destroys your data with care, accuracy and the maximum level of security.

What do we mean by Digital Data Destruction?

With data destruction or data destroying, we’re referring to the process of removing data from systems like tapes, hard disks or other forms of hardware. This could be any type of data that shouldn’t fall into the hands of threat actors or wrong people.

That’s where data destruction comes into play. It increases your cyber security and prevents information that’s no longer needed from being used for the wrong purposes. This could be the case with cyber criminals, who interfere with your systems and capture your data. The less data available, the less risk you face.

 Data that should be destroyed are:
 Software programs
 Institutional/business data
 Personally identifiable data
 Non-public data

How Digital Data Destroying works


Data destroying can be done in different ways. The most common methods are overwriting, degaussing, wiping and physical destruction.

degaussing Degaussing

With degaussing, we either decrease or wipe out the magnetic field inside storage devices. The data that resides in this magnetic field will be erased. Degaussing is a very secure form of data destruction and offers a high level of safety, which can be done in very little time and is very versatile too.

physical destruction Physical destruction

We have the option to physically destroy hardware. This means we shred or crush the different components to a super tiny size, which ensures irretrievable memory and function. It’s said to be the safest way to eliminate data and it can destroy enormous amounts of hardware at once. We can do this onsite for you.

overwriting Overwriting

Data overwriting is a software-based method that completely overwrites all parts of a hard disk drive or other type of digital storage device.

data wiping Data wiping

By connecting a hardware device to a wiping device or software, data can be wiped out. Wiping is especially suitable for smaller companies, as it’s a time-intensive process that still retains the core function of a device for future use.

A good Data Destruction Policy values your privacy

A proper Data Destruction Policy guarantees maximum security. It includes what type of data will be destroyed, which method will be used and who will be in charge of the destruction process. It also minimizes the risk of a data breach and the consequences that your company could face.

Important factors that should be included in a Data Destruction Policy are:
 Thet type of data that will be destroyed
 The method that will be used for destroying it
 The person or company that’s in charge for the destruction
 A timetable for the data destruction process

Why Data Destruction matters for your company too

Dependence on electronic data storage is a universal thing. Your business and even your home cannot do without. Even when you delete data from your hardware system, they’re not completely wiped out. The actual file continues to exist and only the reference to that file is deleted. Data thieves are experts in restoring these files again. That’s why data destroying is important to also delete the access to these files.
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