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Depending on your budget and needs, you may either utilise a proactive or reactive approach with Smart Hands. The main difference is that with proactive Smart Hands, a technical team actively monitors your equipment and fixes minor issues as early as possible to prevent delay. With reactive Smart Hands, problems with the equipment must be reported before a technician acts on the issue. The proactive approach is more efficient for businesses which heavily depend on reliable server up-times.

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Rack and Stack

Do you need server Installations or network patch in a datacenter in the Netherlands or in the United Kingdom and don't have the time or engineers to do it for you? Dont worry, you're in the right place, we will relieve you of this burden. Our engineers can be onsite within two hours of your request.

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Monitoring hardware is a large burden for a lot of companies. We can take this burden out of your hands by proactively monitoring your hardware 24/7.

You do not have to worry about the logistics, maintenance or the replacement of hardware infrastructure so you can focus on what's important.

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IT Monitoring & Alerting Capabilities

  • Network Monitoring & Alerting
  • Server Monitoring & Alerting
  • Security Monitoring & Alerting
  • Cloud Monitoring & Alerting

All Lines IT Monitoring and Alerting services are customisable and designed to meet the needs of medium to large enterprises. All Lines helps customers drive business by better leveraging IT processes and assets while reducing overall IT costs.

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Managed Infrastructure

Rather than switch between four or five different proprietary systems each monitoring a silo within your IT infrastructure, All Lines aggregates all IT alert information across your environment and handles IT remediation and triaging behind the scenes. This frees up your IT personnel to focus on driving higher value services and projects core to your business.


Hardware Recycling

A huge benefit of choosing refurbished computers over new machines is that you can save anywhere from 20% to 80% of the cost.

While it may require a little more research, the return on investment is more than worth checking your options and making the right choice for your situation.

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Migrations and installations

Need help moving your datacenter equipment but having trouble managing logistics. Leave your trouble with us and we will help you out with:

Installation Services

  • Individual rack design
  • Cage and suite layout
  • Procurement services
  • Structured cabling solutions
  • Project management

Migration Services

  • SLA backed migrations services
  • Full server and cable audit
  • Full insurance for all equipment
  • IT recycling and disposal services
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