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A S.L.A. can provide peace of mind to you as a client. We have a contract that you can refer to that allows you to hold us accountable. The details in the S.L.A. are exactly the type of services you can expect. If agreed upon needs aren't met, they can mitigate some of the impacts by monetary compensation. For your organisations, this provide peace of mind and assurance.

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IP Transit

Expanding our network into new facilities will enable us to serve customers within the datacentre, as well as diversifying our peering and transit connections to the outside world.

  • Reduced Latency
  • IP Transit
  • Point to Point MPLS
  • Point to Multi-Point VPLS

Our network allows you to add additional capacity for client requirements both today and tomorrow. We have also rationalised our growing network, and clients should already see the benefits of reduced latency. As with any of our core POPs, we can offer a number of services from this site, including: IP Transit, Point to Point MPLS, Point to Multi-Point VPLS, as well as direct connections into our VMware Virtual Data Centre (vDC) environment.

For more information on our services, please contact sales@rebootmonkey.com.