Managed Colocation

Colocation is the concept of placing a project team's resources in a single physical location so that the project can be completed in a good way. Colocated teams helps to improve communication, productivity, and team relationships.

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Why are you still driving to the datacenter in the middle of the night?

Managed colocation options make it even easier with Reboot Monkey provides 24/7 service for disaster recovery, web, application hosting, site failover or for any business IT need you may have.

We take the colocation management duties and make it easier and better. We are here for you. You no longer have to take on the world to keep full control of your operations and business requirements on your own hardware and licensing. You get the device control that comes with traditional colocation, but you don’t have to take on the risks, responsibilities, and frustrating inconveniences. Even better, our 1U at-a-time managed colocation options make it even easier for a business owner to start on sleeping better at night – or for your IT admin to simply be able to take a real vacation. Basically, it’s all the things you want from standard colocation and none of the things you hate.

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Benefits of Managed Colocation


Companies opting for a managed colocation provider will always want their data to be guarded and monitored 24/7. Colocation providers are answering the call for smarter and tighter security


If a customer attempts to set-up his or her IT infrastructure on-site, then he or she will have to be technically sound to manage different types of barriers besides having all the other facilities in place which are essential for a successful run of a data center.

Flexibility and scalability

A growing company requires a strategy for anticipating and managing dynamic expansion. Colocation data centers allow companies to get to higher

Environmental impact

Some organizations keep an eye on their carbon footprint and even try to offset it. Allowing your equipment to be managed would result in efficient capacity management at all times, which fosters operations that waste little energy.

Backup and redundancy

If you are running a data backup business, you are well aware of the fact that one location is just not going to be sufficient for operations.

Quality & Performance

VitalVM VPS servers run on highly redundant infrastructure with lightning-fast response times and no hidden bandwidth charges.

99.999% Uptime

Our SLA promises hardware, network, and infrastructure uptime of 99.999% in a Tier 3 Netherlands-based datacenter.

Certified Support

Get to the right engineer. No frustrating adventure with multiple help desks to get what you want.


 Private cloud hosting and local servers

 Hardware and software procurement with all warranty tracking

 On-premise proactive or reactive technical support as required

 VMWARE Virtualization and Microsoft Server consulting

 Co-managed ticketing system for projects, reporting and support

 Office 365 or Hosted Email solutions and management

 Management of computers, Wi-Fi, servers and network security

 Single “pane-of-glass” secure remote connection and reporting to all systems

 24x7x365 support, monitoring, security, and backup

 Project planning and management

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